Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MissB’s Been Hacked!

If MissB Had A Little Sister Seester


*devilish grin* 

What else is a couch surfer friend to do while MissB is out of town? Raid Closet? Check. Play Dress Up? Check. Hack her (logged in) Blog? CheckPretend to be MissB? Check.  

*devilish grin*

with seesterly love,

Friday, July 1, 2011

Photos and Food

Jacket: American Eagle

Tank: Lands’ End Canvas

Khakis: J. Crew

Shoes: via DSW

Sunnies: Kenneth Cole

Where the gray wall? Where is the less than ideal lighting?! We’ve left the porch people. *happy dance*

I’ve a new, though probably temporary, photographer. My best friend from college moved in with me this week. She is playing her rent in groceries, laundry duties and photos. She’s going to spoil me. We had pork chops and wine for dinner and all the dishes were done when I got home. We were joking that her spot on the couch is dependent on her photo taking skills for the day. So what do you all think? Does she get to say another day? 

(P.S. roomie’s blog is http://pileofideas.tumblr.com/)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Broccoli Crumbs

Jacket: Gap circa 2001

Jeans: American Eagle

Shirt: Old Navy

Necklace: Loft

Heels: via DSW

Did you know that broccoli leaves behind just as much crumbs as crackers? I can be a little obsessive about  things I like. Not people or tv shows just things, like new shoes and food. Mainly food, if I am are going to be honest.  I’ll get on a kick and eat the same thing everyday until I burn out on it. My current obsession is broccoli. I eat it the way normal people eat chips or crackers. I break the little stalks apart with my hands and dip them in anything. But I’ve been cleaning up a lot of little green flecks on my desk, my kitchen counter and my table. I’ll have a dusting of green on my boob shelf. Admit it, I’m not the only one whose ladies catch her spills. Lady like aren’t I? Who knew a veggie could be so messy?

My latest obsession that isn’t food are these shoes, which sadly need a better photo. My co-workers call these clogs my big shoes. As on “Oh, you’re tall today. You have your big shoes on.”  They make me a whopping 5’6”.  I’d wear them everyday if I could. It is nice to be able to stand at bank counters without standing on my toes, for example. Why are bank teller counters so high anyway? Short people need money too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011
I might not have an outfit post for the day but I have way too many images of wedding dresses that I sketched over the weekend. I’m not sure I’ve ever drawn a wedding dress before but Hours of listening to my date practice the wedding march and Ave Maria got to me. (Finally posting something to my other little blog)

Sitting in a church for 2 hours watching a wedding rehearsal gives one a lot of time to sketch… I promise I’m not wedding crazed
(two gowns and a dress to elope in)

I might not have an outfit post for the day but I have way too many images of wedding dresses that I sketched over the weekend. I’m not sure I’ve ever drawn a wedding dress before but Hours of listening to my date practice the wedding march and Ave Maria got to me. (Finally posting something to my other little blog)


Sitting in a church for 2 hours watching a wedding rehearsal gives one a lot of time to sketch… I promise I’m not wedding crazed

(two gowns and a dress to elope in)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Top: via Marshalls

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Target

Laziness lead to me not caring enough to change before a last minute dinner plans. Laziness lead to me forgetting to focus the camera before taking pictures. Laziness lead to me not bothering to fix the aperture setting. Laziness lead to me writing this four sentence post.

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Please excuse the fact that disqus, blog lovin’ ect. will probably be broken while I attempt to re-do the look of the blog.

Population: 415, Curves Ahead

Dress: J. Crew

Shoes: Target

Necklace: Forever 21

The pick up trucks as a back drop are intentional.

This weekend I went to a wedding “up north” as people say here in Wisconsin. I said “up state” and was kind of laughed at.  I think the fact that I didn’t even get the geographic terminology correct is a good indicator of the little bit of a culture shock that the weekend was. I never though of myself as a city girl until I moved to Madison, the smallest city I’ve ever lived in. For most of Madison’s residents, it is the biggest city they’ve ever lived in. I’ve gotten used to Madison’s size and rather like it but that didn’t prepare me for a wedding in a town of 415 people. I’m pretty sure I experienced a moment of claustrophobia when I read the population sign.  But I will say that the fried chicken we had for dinner beat the well pressed J. Crew chinos off all of the floppy yet somehow dry chicken I’ve had at just about every other wedding I’ve been to and this dress agrees with its new grease stain.

I’ve worn this dress to 4 weddings and one rehearsal dinner now. I love it and have numerous photos in it and yet every time I see another picture I’m struck by  exactly how much T&A I apparently have. I don’t know a better way to say that other than “BAH! BIG BOOBIES” and then the big butts song starts playing in my head, which isn’t exactly mature of me. This seems like a strange thing to say as someone who takes pictures of herself almost everyday. I really don’t know how I’m not more aware of what I look like. But the honest truth is that although I know what clothing size I wear, I am still taken a back by certain pictures of myself. It’s not necessarily always in a “Wow, I need to lose weight” kind of way, thought I’m not immune to those thoughts, just in a “Hmm, That’s what I look like?” Does anyone else ever have that experience?

For this weekend though I say “Thank you,” to my curves because I’m pretty sure my dress would have fallen off without them and almost did a few times anyway. Having a date who know hows to do dance and likes to spin you turns a reception into a real workout and is something I should have considered in picking out an outfit. 

(photos taken by my friend and dance partner, Ricky)

Friday, June 24, 2011

No Jackie O

This is what Jackie O. looked like when she went sailing:

(via Pintrest, I failed to find the original source)

This is what I look like when I go sailing:

I think I should get some style points for having the same color palette, because otherwise I really don’t compare. I also doubt that Ms. Jackie ever mixed a drink while straddling a cooler full of beer. Miss B, that’s me, on the other hand isn’t always classy, isn’t above drinking out of plastic cups nor doing whatever is nessesary to keep her balance on a boat. This outfit is actually a pretty stylish one for sailing, if only there were better pictures. But I do love this one because it captures the evening so well and just check out that guy’s feet tan lines!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet Bribes

Dress: Forever 21

Necklace: Loft

Flop Flops: Target

I’ve spent the better part of two days trying to come up with something witty for funny to write about this outfit. All three items in this outfit.

I could write about how there are more colors in this dress than in the rest of my closet combined.

I could write about how I’m the kind of girl who carries whole outfits, accessories included, in her purse, just in case. This habit could be blamed on blogging but the truth is that in one form or another I’ve always been that girl.

I could write about how I’ve never put less effort into a date outfit than this one, considering I changed into it with the boy standing next to me. I slipped it on over top of my mermaid get up and then pulled the mermaid tail out from undernieth. I should also mention that I had a hair that probably smelled like fish, duck and algee, no make up on and blood shot eyes because of all the time I spent in the lake as a mermaid. Which would lead to some discussion about how comfortable I must be around this guy to do that after only four dates or how I might have still been feeling the effects of the rum the pirates bribed me with.

I could write about this boy, who is the boy I was getting ready for in this post, and how I thought that was over and how wrong I was. I thought our third date bombed, but he disagreed. When a boy shows up just to see you dressed as a mermaid, holds the limbo pole for all of your crazy friends, even though the fiber glass in it makes his hands itch, can apologize, gives you forehead kisses and brings you treats back from his trip, I think he deserves a second chance. (The treat was a See’s lollipop, which if you’ve never had you really need to) Or maybe I’m just easily bribed with sweets.

In the end I’ve just ended up writing more about this boy than about my outfit. Which makes me equally giddy and embarrassed for multiple reasons.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Somebody Skinned Ariel

Mermaid Skirt: Made by Betsy

Swimsuit top: Target

I’m smiling so hard because I was just a little uncomfortable and conversely because how do you not smile when you are wearing a mermaid tail. Saturday was Pirate’s Day for the local sailing club. All of the sailor got dressed up as pirates, climbed on to boats and there was a scavenger hunt. Two of my friends and I were one of the clues, the mermaids. When I found this fabric in Joann’s my first thought was “It’s perfect someone skinned Ariel,” Then I realized how morbid that thought was and wiped the smile off my face.

I had this intention of writing a piece about body confidence because I do feel a bit like those naked girls in magazines posed next to quotes about how they love their curves. When it came time to actually write this post though I just couldn’t be serious while looking at pictures of myself in a mermaid tail. I will say though that it feels like a bit of an accomplishment to have worn this outfit for the whole afternoon Saturday and to be posting these pictures. I’m choosing to let the five year old in me who still loves Ariel win over the twenty five year old in me who felt the need to hide my stomach. 

There is a bit of pride in these skirts because they, all three that I made, were the first thing I’ve sewn since graduating two years ago. I’d planned a tutorial post but I’m really not very good at taking step by step photos. It was going to be called How to Knock Off an American Apparel Maxi Skirt/ Make a Mermaid Tail. Useful I know!

Now let’s all go watch The Little Mermaid and remember how Prince Eric was our first crush.